Task Your Office Stellar Staffing, INC.
Employment Applications X
Wage Negotiation X
Discipline Forms X
Task Assignments X
Employment Termination X X
Management Reports X
Employee Verification ** X
Background Checks ** X
Drug Screening ** X
Standards Compliance X
Employee Handbooks X
Process New Employees X
W-4 Forms X
I-9 Verification X
Computing Payroll X
Computing Taxes & Withholdings X
Writing Paychecks X
Tax and Withholding Payments X
Social Security and Medicare X
Federal Withholding X
State Unemployment Taxes X
Federal Unemployment Taxes X
Reporting Payroll Hours X
Wage and Hour Compliance X
Payroll Garnishments X
Child Support Payments X
State Required Reports X
Federal Required Reports X
940 / 941 X
Penalties X
Managing Vacation Pay X
Managing Sick Pay X
Tracking Probationary Periods X
Tracking Benefits Eligibility X
Workers Comp. Insurance X
Workers Comp. Claims / Hearings X
Unemployment Claims / Hearings X
Group Health Insurance X
Life / Dental Insurance X
Insurance Inquiries X
Insurance Claims X
Negotiate Insurance Premiums X
Pay Insurance Premiums X
Cobra X
Release Notices X