How to report a WC Claim

In order to keep your Workers’ Compensation costs down and to protect all parties involved in the event of an injury, it is important to report injuries and file a claim as soon as possible. Stellar Staffing, Inc. has simplified this process for you. Please use the following procedure in order to file a WC claim: Please call our Claim Department at (409) 837-2738 to report all injuries, if no answer, call (713)-591-8165. A representative is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your claim.

The following information should be provided:

• Name of Injured Employee
• Social Security Number
• Date of Injury
• Time of Injury
• Description of Injury
o What part of the body was injured?
o How did the injury occur?
• Describe the activity the employee was engaged in at the time of the injury
• Where will the employee be taken for treatment

Please note that the medical facility’s first call is to the employer, so please be sure to request a drug screen and to have them contact our Claim Department at (409) 837-2738 for billing information and/or authorization to treat.

Once vthe employee has been treated, fax over any paperwork you receive to our Claim Department at:
(409) 837-2930.