Risk Management

Keeping a happy and healthy workforce is imperative to the success of your business. It is important to you, as a business owner, to minimize the risk of potential danger in your workplace and to keep Workers’ Compensation costs down. Additionally it is important that in the unfortunate event of an injury, you have a documented policy and process for the handling of injuries and claims. Let our years of experience in this area work for you. Here are just some of the benefits you will recognize:

  • No Debt Modifiers
  • Drug Testing Required After Each Injury
  • Our Claims Department Will Prepare All Injury Reports
  • All Workers’ Compensation Claims Will be Handled from Start to Finish
  • Use of Healthcare Management Company to Help Reduce the Cost of Claims
  • Claims Reports Provided Upon Request
  • Workers’ Compensation Certificates Faxed and Mailed
  • Additional Services Available Upon Request - Furnish OSHA 300 Report - Conduct Orientation Meetings for Personnel - Regular Safety Inspections - Safety Policies and Procedures
♦ To see how together we can reduce Workers’ Compensation costs, click on the tab labeled Reduce WC Costs or click here.