Healthcare Management

Cutting workers’ compensation costs benefits both you and Stellar Staffing. You do your part to keep costs down by adapting safety procedures and a return to work program. We do our part by ensuring that all claims are efficiently administered. There are several options available to make sure that injured workers are receiving the excellent benefits and care they deserve, all while containing costs.

To mention a few, Stellar Staffing employs a cost containment company that provides us with medical case management as well as medical bill review. Medical case managers help to manage costs by reviewing medical records and communicating with medical providers to determine medical status and appropriate health care. In addition, case managers can attend appointments to obtain work status and determine maximum medical improvement.

Medical bill review is one of the best ways to save workers’ compensation costs. Bills are audited to apply state fee guidelines, reviewed for errors, and checked for duplicate charges. Due to the cost containment company, we have been able to reduce our medical costs drastically.

Finally, and most importantly, we maintain active communication with injured employees and the treating doctors. Treating doctors have an important role, since they are responsible for the claimant’s care, return to work, and to help determine claim closure. Stellar Staffing will screen all treating doctors to verify that they are approved by the Division of Workers’ Compensation to provide treatment.

These are just a few ways that Stellar Staffing works for you to help reduce costs, while properly managing workers’ compensation claims. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss health care management further, please contact the claims department at (409) 837-2738.