Additional Services

Business Insurance Protection **

To protect your business, your employees and yourself, you need the right combination of business insurance. Stellar Staffing, Inc. has in-house personnel that can assist you in finding the right combination of business insurance to fit your needs. You may be eligible to secure coverage that better fits your company's needs and capture a better overall value at the same time.

Employment Screening **
The foundation of any successful business is the quality of its employees. Hiring the wrong person can turn your dream company into a nightmare. Our employment screening solution helps you make the best hiring decision so you’ll know who you’re really bringing on board.

Adding a new staff member to your company is the same as making a major investment. The expense of recruiting, hiring and training an employee can cost you thousands of dollars. If your new hire isn’t who you thought they were, this could be detrimental to your business. To protect your investment, and your company, a thorough background check on job candidates is a must.

Your company’s reputation can be directly linked to the integrity of your employees. Don’t leave the future of your business to chance. Stellar Staffing, Inc. is here to help you create the best background screening program for your business.

** Additional Charges Apply