Overview Chart

When you enter into a relationship with Stellar Staffing, Inc. it is important to have defined responsibilities for each party. The following chart breaks down what is expected of you and what you can expect Stellar Staffing, Inc. to do for you. Remember this is only a guideline. A customized program will be created for you that will maximize the benefits of our program based on your individual needs and requirements.

Task Your Office Stellar Staffing, INC.
Employment Applications X
Wage Negotiation X
Discipline Forms X
Task Assignments X
Employment Termination X X
Management Reports X
Employee Verification ** X
Background Checks ** X
Drug Screening ** X
Standards Compliance X
Employee Handbooks X
Process New Employees X
W-4 Forms X
I-9 Verification X
Computing Payroll X
Computing Taxes & Withholdings X
Writing Paychecks X
Tax and Withholding Payments X
Social Security and Medicare X
Federal Withholding X
State Unemployment Taxes X
Federal Unemployment Taxes X
Reporting Payroll Hours X
Wage and Hour Compliance X
Payroll Garnishments X
Child Support Payments X
State Required Reports X
Federal Required Reports X
940 / 941 X
Penalties X
Managing Vacation Pay X
Managing Sick Pay X
Tracking Probationary Periods X
Tracking Benefits Eligibility X
Workers Comp. Insurance X
Workers Comp. Claims / Hearings X
Unemployment Claims / Hearings X
Group Health Insurance X
Life / Dental Insurance X
Insurance Inquiries X
Insurance Claims X
Negotiate Insurance Premiums X
Pay Insurance Premiums X
Cobra X
Release Notices X